Last week we celebrated Easter.
We had food with friends.
We were busy, but in a good way.

Sunday we were visited by the Easter Bunny who graciously left Bean a confectionery version of himself.
The ears were the first to go.
On Thursday, our beloved gerbil Wheelie passed away.
He lived a great life.
Short but full.
He raced in his ball, against much larger hamsters, and took second place overall, winning several heats at the local PetSmart hamster races.
He could chew up a paper towel core in 5 minutes flat (after running through it once or twice).
He would run in his wheel, stop quick and ride it around for a full backwards loop.
He would nibble sunflower seeds out of our hands.
He was loved.

Bean inscribed a cardboard tube with "Weely, King of the Wheel!" and some decorative sunflower seeds.
We placed his furry body in it, took him out to the yard and buried him between two laurels.
We each said a few words.
We each cried.
Rest in peace little friend.

P.S. I only cried to model healthy grieving. I swear.
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