Hood E

Alright, I'm back. The computer died for a couple weeks, but after some insurance claims and e-baying, we're back in business. So here are a few pix from my first Snowboard trip in the Great Northwest (and the first since Tim and i went to mammoth and he got all busted up and we spent 2 days playing video games and wondering about localized earthquakes).

Yeah, it's a picture of the moonrise, not the sun from the surface of the moon. (Some of my airs were big, but i didn't get quite that high : ) That's the top of Mt Hood over my shoulder. You know you dig the goggles!


Matt W. said...

I do dig the goggles. You weren't one of those Mt. Hood hikers that, you know, got stranded recently? Cause that makes for a pretty good story, assuming, of course, you weren't one of the guys that died.

Grahama said...

Why Hike when there's a lift? Sure you don't get "all the way" to the top, but good enough for me. I did die while i was up there, but then i got better.

gracie said...

Sweet candied goggles!

Did you camp out there? That would be insanity but kind of cool (freezing, really).

Grahama said...

Naw, apparently every other group of people who hike the thing need rescuing this year. i ain't that hardcore. I just took off early from work and spent a few joyous hours sliding around on the white stuff (snow that is). The have night skiing where half the mountain is lit up (and only about a quarter of the skiers are), so that's how i was able to be up there for the moonrise.