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gracie said...

Now isn't that the photo of a lifetime?

If I were you, I'd get a huge print of that and hang it in house! Too cute!

gracie said...

cutest picture in the whole wide world and i love me some photos..

did i say that already?

(by the way, sib has gone codal. she's doin the super-secret-code thingie for her site... just spreading the gossip.)

E. U. Graham said...

And that was even before we had the best mac n cheese ever at Mother's!
SIB! how can you go over to the dark side like this?!? You're only encouraging Gracie! Like she needs that!?!

no code

Sib said...

Okay--first, I love love love the pic.

Second---I am mildly computer illiterate---I don't actually know how the code thing showed up. Maybe Mr. Nick-o did some work on my site. I'm lame--I know. (*blushing*)

There are some other things happening with blogger that I am trying to figure out. Grr.

E. U. Graham said...

Thanks Sib!
I'm glad to hear that you didn't intentionaly try to alianate your readership like some people.