Haystack Rock

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gracie said...

E.U. Graham, you REALLY have a gift for photography! You must share them with more people than your blogging friends!

Don't be shy (or cruel).

T. Basselin said...

I'm jealous.

E. U. Graham said...

Sus is gifted too. She shot this one and a couple of the others too.
I like to picasa.
I'd photoshop but i'm poor ;)

E. U. Graham said...

Hey, how the heck do you get your comments to have your little pictue??!?!?

gracie said...

go into blogger dashboard (http://www.blogger.com/home)
and click "edit profile"

it will ask you for a photo URL and you will have to use a photo that is already online somewhere... maybe use one you already posted on your blog.

Just click on the photo (to get a larger size) and then right click on the image and copy the the "image location".

Then paste it in the photo URL of your profile.


save it.